This blog is a bunch of stuff from some guy. There’s probably going to be a bunch of gaming related stuff on it. Every now and then that guy is probably going to talk about things. It might be neat.

A bit more specifically:

James Ludden is a former expat and English teacher who spent a fairly long time in Japan. Currently he works in Seattle, doing things and stuff. On the side, he obsesses over puzzles, writing, game design, and graphic design. He rarely gets time to do most of those, of course, and part of the purpose of this blog is to help collect all those side hobby’s into a single place to maybe perhaps sorta motivate him into finding time to do more.

“Your Experience May Vary”

For now the old blog title is in use. The old title was from a time when the blog was expected to be used as a reference point for other foreigners wanting to go to Japan, acknowledging that there were too many variables for anyone to expect theirs to be consistent with anyone else’s.