The List

As mentioned in the last post, my resolution was to make a list and then start checking things off of it. It’s a set of standard resolutions with a whole pile of other “I really just want to find time to get this goofy thing done” things. The two I’ve already completed/removed were sorting out what I wanted to go on my NES/SNES minis. Low hanging fruit to be sure, but still something I wanted to get done.

The remainder of the list, vaguely in order of priority, and certainly not in order of simplicity/time consumption, is as follows (and only slightly censored to preserve some of the items where knowing the title might ruin the surprise):

  • Arthur – Teach Arthur the Alphabet
  • Stories – Write <That Story Finally>
  • Business – Work out selling art online for Shoka
  • Exercise – Do 5 Continuous Chin Ups or Pull Ups
  • Education – Catch back up to the N3 JLPT
  • Education – Get to where you could pass the N2 JLPT
  • Exercise – Get back to 88kg
  • Gaming (Android) – Learn to use Unity and publish an Android game
  • Gaming (Table Top) – Make a Deck Building Game
  • Gaming (Table Top) – Make a Lego-based Dungeon Crawling Board Game
  • Gaming (MTG) – Build an Unstable MTG Cube
  • Gaming (MTG) – Rebuild my old elves deck
  • Collect the History of Violence Movie List
  • Get back on Social Media
  • Art – Draw Things and post them on Social Media
  • Gaming (Table Top) – <Board Game Sorta>
  • Gaming (Table Top) – <Internet Reference> Dice Game
  • Gaming (Android) – Publish another Android game
  • Gaming (Pokémans)  – Catch ’em All
  • Start on N1 kanji
  • Gaming (Ani-Mayhem) – Finish Ani-Mayhem Rule Cards
  • Gaming (Ani-Mayhem) – Actually play a game of Ani-Mayhem
  • Gaming – Sort out SNES mini games
  • Gaming – Sort out NES mini games

Most of these are solo projects, though several involve some friends of mine who have helped develop some of these ideas (or started them in the first place and the goal is to get us to actually do something with them).

I’m holding back on crossing out “Get back on Social Media” for when I’ve proven to myself I can get to doing this stuff consistently. Getting Shoka to start actually using her own blog is also a part of this. Here’s hoping.

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