Two Weeks

In a world where some people seem to tweet every 45 seconds, it might seem strange that it’s hard to keep up momentum on something like this. I’m aiming to make sure I update this thing every two weeks or so.

So the last two weeks saw a few things checked off of the list:

  • Pokedex: I’ve completed the living dex, now ready to port into whatever future games are enabled for Pokemon Bank. The highlight of all this was certainly the shiny Lickitung, who finally made their way to Lickilicky.licky
  • Unstable Cube: I need to look through this again and see where I’ve apparently missed a few cards (the first attempt revealed an uneven number of packs’ worth of cards), but I’d call this done and successful. Managed to force get some friends to play a round, and while we only got to playing a single multiplayer round, things went as I hoped as far as entertainment value goes. Not every card in Unstable is a hit, as far as comedy goes, but there’s plenty of good stuff in there. Looking forward to using this thing more in the future.
  • Elves Deck: I’m actually unsure of where I want to go with this. In getting back into Magic I’ve once again found that the only format I really enjoy playing, apart from the randomness of drafts, is Commander. I think I might cross this off the list in favor of building a deck around a RG or URG commander, as those were the original colors for my old monster-of-the-day deck. The last really good time I had with elves was playing with the stock Llanowar’s Fury deck a few years back. Given that I have all the parts of that back I’m just going to call this one good and enjoy that I’m back into my old hobby.

Hopefully I’ll be back with more in less than two weeks.

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